UltraVPN: Stable and Speedy VPN for PC

The perfect match for any computer running Windows 7 or above.

No configuration, just click and go

Be anonymous and stay safe online

Enjoy fast, secure browsing without the risk of snoopers

How to Create an UltraVPN Connection

Step 1

Open the Windows UltraVPN app and simply click to use the default server.

Step 2

Switch servers by clicking the Location button and browsing the list.

Step 3

Enjoy seamless browsing through the VPN until you switch off.

Get UltraVPN for Your PC Now

Our app supports every flavor of Windows.

Connect Your

HP Pavilion or Envy, Surface Book or
Surface Pro, Dell XPS, and more.

Compatible With

All modern versions of Windows, from
Windows 7 right up to the most recent

Why Install UltraVPN?

VPN Without the Fuss

UltraVPN makes it easy and quick to get connected.

Military-Grade Encryption

Military-grade security keeps your activity from prying eyes while you’re connected.


Keep your online accounts and data protected with our Password Manager tool. Save your passwords, auto-fill your information and automatically create secure passwords so you don’t have to!

Quick Video Geo-Settings

Install the add-on for your browser to change the Netflix site you use.

Unlimited Data

Unlike competitors, we won’t cap your browsing.

Dark Web Scan

With our solution we will ensure your information is safe – even across the dark web. We’ll search, track and notify of anything that could compromise your security.

What’s the Best VPN for Me?

If you’re looking for a high-speed VPN with no logs and over 125 virtual locations, UltraVPN is the one for you.

Why Choose UltraVPN?

Connect in Seconds

No Bandwidth Caps

No Speed Loss

Military-Grade Encryption

100+ Virtual Locations

Secure Firewall

Unblock Social Media

Watch Sporting Events

Access Online Media