The Internet, Unlocked

One VPN allows you to access the whole web, privately and securely.

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All the Benefits of a Premium VPN

UltraVPN gives you the privacy and security you deserve.

No Buffering:

Our network won’t slow down your internet connection.

No Snooping:

Stay safe on public WiFi and keep your browsing activity private.

No Boundaries:

One connection gives you access to a choice of server locations.

All plans also include:


Keep your online accounts and data protected with our Password Manager tool. Save your passwords, auto-fill your information and automatically create secure passwords so you don’t have to!

+ Included for free



Dark Web Scan

With our solution we will ensure your information is safe – even across the dark web. We’ll search, track and notify of anything that could compromise your security.

+ Included for free


Fast and Unlimited VPN Access

We’re proud of the speed of our servers.
Stream live events without waiting for your download
to catch up.


Our Encryption is Virtually Uncrackable

In the war against hacking and snooping, you need an extra layer of security. With UltraVPN, your ISP can’t log your activity or sell your browsing data when you use our encrypted tunnel to go online. We hand the control back to you.


Your VPN is Unlimited and Unrestricted

When connected to UltraVPN, you’ll be able to access content that you normally can’t. Use your secure VPN to bypass blocks set up by your ISP or government, or to access all of your preferred sites and services when you’re overseas.

Global Server Network

We give you the choice of more than 100 server locations every time you connect.

India – via Singapore

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