Shore Up Your Android Security and Privacy With a VPN

UltraVPN supports practically every device running Android OS.

Intuitive interface
Get online with a single tap
Privacy and security while you’re mobile
100+ virtual locations
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Setting Up UltraVPN on an Android Device

Step 1

Tap to connect to the default VPN location.

Step 2

Tap Location to select a different server from our global list.

Step 3

Your connection is private and safe until you disconnect or restart your device.

Get the UltraVPN Android App

Compatible with almost every device running {osName} or better.

Connect Your

Samsung, Google, or other Android device of choice.

Compatible With

Any Android devices running {osName} or better.

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Why Install UltraVPN?

VPN Without the Fuss

UltraVPN makes it easy and quick to get connected.

Military-Grade Encryption

Military-grade security keeps your activity from prying eyes while you’re connected.

Quick Video Geo-Settings

Install the add-on for your browser to change the Netflix site you use.

Unlimited Data

Unlike competitors, we won’t cap your browsing.

Why Choose UltraVPN?

Connect in Seconds
No Bandwidth Caps
No Speed Loss
Military-Grade Encryption
100+ Virtual Locations
Secure Firewall
Unblock Social Media
Watch Sporting Events
Access Online Media