Antivirus protection for the whole family for $169.88/year

Protect your privacy and information from malware, viruses, and other cybersecurity threats.

24/7 Malware Protection

In the war against malware, your best defense is comprehensive and dependable antivirus protection. Powered by industry-leading technology, UltraAV works 24/7 to block and remove viruses, ransomware, spyware, and more.

The Perfect Pair: UltraVPN and UltraAV

UltraVPN and UltraAV work together to put your mind at ease by securing your privacy and protecting you from cybercriminals.

5-Star Malware Protection… and More!

Optimize your online security with ease with UltraAV

Malware Protection with Zero-Day Threat Detection

Industry-leading technology protects against a broad range of malware and removes existing viruses from Windows devices.

Scan Management Options

Our intuitive interface offers several options to customize, schedule, and automate your virus scans to best fit your schedule.

Application Control

Block unwanted applications and programs to secure your privacy and your family’s safety.

USB Drive Protection

Prevents data theft and blocks malicious programs.

User-Friendly Design

Our antivirus program is designed with ease of use in mind with an intuitive interface and easy installation.

UltraAV Features

  • Malware Protection 
  • Multi-functional Active Protection
  • Zero-day Threat Detection 
  • Polymorphic and Metamorphic Virus Detection and Repair
  • USB Drive Protection
  • Operating System Protection
  • Network Attack Protection
  • Data Theft Protection
  • Application Control


What does UltraAV protect against?

UltraAV protects your Windows devices from malware, viruses, worms, spyware, adware, trojans, ransomware, polymorphic and metamorphic viruses, and more.

Is my device compatible?

You can use UltraAntivirus on your Mac or PC.

What is Zero Day Threat Detection?

Zero Day Threats or Exploitations target vulnerabilities in code that haven’t been patched. Attackers can exploit the vulnerabilities to launch harmful code on the system/network.

Zero Day Threat Detection eradicates malware using heuristic and AI/ML to replicate the complex structure of malware in order to scan for and detect new malware threats, including Polymorphic and Metamorphic Virus detection and repair.

What is Multi-functional Active Protection?

Multi-functional Active Protection scans all new processes initiated by your Windows operating system to quickly identify and eliminate malware.

What is Network Attack Protection?

Network Attack Protection quickly detects and blocks network malware and ransomware to protect your privacy and data.

What is USB Drive Protection?

USB Drive Protection blocks malicious programs from executing on your Windows PC by requiring a password to access the USB drive. You can whitelist apps and programs and even assign them different permission settings (such as read-only, write-only, or total block).

What is Application Control?

Application Control allows you to control the use of specific programs on your Windows PC and other Windows devices. Use Application Control at your place of business to prevent employees from accessing certain programs that may reduce productivity or violate company policies. Application Control is effective when used as Parental Control to password-protect and block unsafe or inappropriate games, apps, or programs for children.

What is Ransomware Protection?

Ransomware is malware that encrypts personal files to block a user’s access to their devices and stored data. The cybercriminal or cybercriminal group demands money or goods from the victim in exchange for decryption. UltraAV’s ransomware protection will keep your files and network safe from these types of cyber threats.